Online GYM application project in ASP.NET

February 04, 2015 , 2 Comments

Admin Panel:

  • No need of admin registration form just provide username and password change option
  • Admin it self will register client details. So you have to provide client registration form for admin only(Need to provide insert, update and delete option for manipulating client details for admin except username and password)
Client Registration Form Details
1. Complete name
2. Email Id
3. Phone No
4. Date
5. Address
6. Height
7. Weight
8. Programs(Drop Down List)
When admin selects the type of program i.e cardio fitness, strengths, weight loss, personal trainer, cardio+strengths in another drop down list plans should populate
9. Plans      
 For example. Look at below video:

After Selecting Program and plan amount should display in text box.
1.       Paid Amount
2.       Amount Due=Plan amount-Paid Amount
3.       Upload Image
4.       Date(calendar)
5.        Registration button and Cancel Button 

Once registration is successful with all validations espically emailed and phone number. An email should send to that particular person with a welcome note along with username and password. Username as emailed and password as phone number.
Important Note: While client registration a Qrimage along with Unique qrcode and a excel sheet has to be generated. That excel sheet should contain the fallowing columns.

Sl.No, Name ,EmailId, Phone no, Emergency contact no, Address, Height, Weight, Selected Program, Selected Plan ,Amount paid, Due Amount  

When ever new client registration is successful the existing excel sheet should Update with a new row. QrImages  should be generated in separate folder with client name. Once admin will login he should be able to view his clients with respect to their programs. 

Select Type Of program:---Select----(Assume it’s a drop down list)
                                             Personal Trainer
                                            Weight Loss
                                             Etc etc
Once admin click any of the above program i.e Strengths or cardio or weight loss or Personal trainer or any other register client should display that program only.

Once admin select the client it should ask for edit profile option or display client info.

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