How to create pdf file in windows form c#

March 16, 2015 0 Comments

If you wan to create pdf file in windows form as well as web application , you must to add iTextSharp.dll file as a reference. In iTextSharp , we have a Document class through which we can create a new document. Also provide PdfWriter class, through which we can create a pdf file in a specified path. Now, you can use Paragraph class for creating text. Now, use this code and Generate pdf file:

Document d1 = new Document();
            PdfWriter.GetInstance(d1, new FileStream("E:/t1.pdf", FileMode.Create));
            Paragraph p1 = new Paragraph("Hello World");

Video cover all such things which is i mentioned in above. Also provide the link where you can download the iTextSharp.dll file and where you will put the mentioned code in function.

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