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May 25, 2015 , 1 Comments

College website project provide the right information to the existing student and new comers. The main aim of this project is to provide such types of information which is mentioned below:

  1. Current news
  2. Home slide section
  3. About panel 
  4. Contact us panel
In this project i have two module, first is student module and last one is administrator module. Student can see all the details which is mentioned on the website. Through admin module we can update the website time to time , when we need.
Home page of the website :

Home page contains all such information which is important to the student and their parents. In this project we have two panel (left panel and right panel). In the right side bar we have news section , through which we give the right and updated information to the students also contain administrator login panel

How to run the project under visual studio 2013 or higher


Hardware and software requirements

  1. Hardware : Core i3 pc
  2. Software  : Visual studio 2013 with sql server 2008
Download :  Purchase it in 500 RS or 15$ 
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