Login form using entity framework in windows form c#

September 09, 2015 , 1 Comments

In this article i will give an example of login form using entity framework. We will do login from database table so first of all create database table using entity framework's code first approach. Now, Using linq query we can do this task.

Sometimes anonymous user can harm our application and can change the data stored in our application. That’s why, it is often necessary to permit only authorized users to use our application. There is no predefined method to do this operation in windows forms, so we have to implement it in our way.

If we have username and password in our database then we can implement a better authentication system. So we will create a table in our database named User which will have two columns (Username and Password). Insert some records in that table to check our login control.

In click event of login button write following code:

Here in this code will show a message if user leaves the textboxes empty. First check the username in our database having exactly the same name user entered in textbox. If there is an entry then compare the password.
We can show a message box at each wrong step of user.

Download example.

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  1. where is the database? or the name of a sql table?