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Today i will give a web based polling system, through this you can put your vote online. Free download polling project in with report. Online polling system is a web based solution.It removes traditional polling system problems such as :
  • Take more time and human resources
  • Does not give instant poll result
  • False voter
  •  Inefficient

Online voting system project

Those problem are major problem in traditional system . If you want to remove such types of problem in traditional system then you will use web-based solution.

Features of Online voting system:
  • Detect false voter
  • Instant poll result
  • Easy method for vote count
  • keep global information
System Requirements : 
  • Visual studio 2010 
  • SqlServer 2008
  • Internet connection
  • Mail_id
 How to run this project :

  • Open website folder in Visual studio 2010
  • Run your project by selecting green triangle button
  • Open voter register page 
  • Fill some required filled and click on submit button
  • Login in Admin panel by username and password
  • Approve Voter by changing flag bit (0 to 1)
  • After approval login in your mail id and copy your secure code
  • Login in voter login panel and fill some required filled(voter-id , securecode , email )
  • After login you can vote now of your desired candidate .
  • Count total vote by admin
  • Show result by admin
If you want to purchase this please contact me on :

Project Demo

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