WPF Listview items with images

WPF ListView is a container of other single controls. I mean to say that you can put other single control in it. Other controls considered as a Listview item. You can put only simple single string or control like TextBlock. Lets to check the demo of this line.

1:     <ListView>  
2:        <ListViewItem>  
3:          <TextBlock Text="Fruits"/>  
4:        </ListViewItem>  
5:        <ListViewItem>  
6:          Vegetables  
7:        </ListViewItem>  
8:      </ListView>  

In this code, we have both string as well control. You can take other containers in it like StackPanel etc. as a ListView Item. In previous example, i taken Gridview control as view of Listview. Now, i will take image with Text in it as a single WPF Listview item.

1:  <ListView>  
2:        <ListViewItem>  
3:          <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">  
4:            <Image Source="apple.png"/>  
5:            <TextBlock Text="Apple"/>  
6:          </StackPanel>         
7:        </ListViewItem>  
8:        <ListViewItem>  
9:          <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">  
10:            <Image Source="mango.png"/>  
11:            <TextBlock Text="mango"/>  
12:          </StackPanel>  
13:        </ListViewItem>  
14:        <ListViewItem>  
15:          <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">  
16:            <Image Source="grapes.png"/>  
17:            <TextBlock Text="grapes"/>  
18:          </StackPanel>  
19:        </ListViewItem>  
20:      </ListView>  
Copy this code and paste into your WPF window, before doing this, please add three image into your project,. These three images names are apple.png, mango.png and grapes.png.

WPF Listview items with images


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