Banking Software Application Project in c#

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Purchase Banking software project built in window platform. By using this software, we can do banking task easily. In this project,  I have to provide you banking functionality like Create new account, update customer account, deposit money, transfer money etc. I will give you project executable file to run the project. If you want to learn how to design this project then follow these mentioned steps:

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  1. Start from Login screen. If admin username exists in database table then loginIn into the system else give failed message.
banking System Login Failed Screen

2. If login success then enter in main screen.

Banking Software Application Project in c#

3. Similarly all option which is given in the project.

Software : Visual Studio 2013. 

How to run you project
Double click on application executable file and run your project.

How to design Banking Software
First to create a login form for Administrator. After successfully login, administrator can do some work in the control panel like:

  1. Add New Customer.
  2. Deposit money to customer bank account.
  3. Transfer money from one account to another account.
  4.  Show list of account which is available in the bank.
  5. Withdrawal amount from account number by the account holder.
  6. Generate balance sheet.
  7. FD form for customers.
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