Blood bank System project in ASP.NET C#

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The blood bank system provides some information about blood bank. A needy person can take some points of blood with their blood groups. By using this system, we provides the information  about donor and takers. These all information are public. Any one  person register in the control panel and after successfully register in the panel. He/She can login in the system. We have a form for donor, in this form, donor fill these mentioned fields.

Donor Id :  Int type
Name :  nvarchar (100)
Blood Group :  nvarchar ( 50)
Contact ( Phone Number)  : nvarchar (50)
Address : nvarchar(max)
Picture:  nvarchar(max)

Blood bank System project in ASP.NET C#

After filling the form, information display on home screen, registered user can see donor information. Project also provide the search facility, through it, registered user can see donor information, according to blood group. It provide the total storage of blood in the bank. Bank takes blood from outer side also vice versa. Total in and out details stored in separate database table.

Software information : Visual Studio 2013
Hardware requirement :  Visual Studio 2013 compatible hardware.

Video : Comming Soon

How to run it: You can run it using video help.

Download/Buy : mail me

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