Online Course Registration System Project in ASP.NET C#

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In this Project we have a logical system. By using this system we can store courses and their subjects in the system database. The all things we can do by administrator. First of all, administrator do login in the system. He/ She can change our profile like change password, username and etc. In the Courses tab, we will provide some following things like "Manage Courses", "Add Courses", "Manage subject combination" and "Add subject combination". In the section of Manage courses, i will provide you a GridView control with the following action control like:

Manage Courses

By using Edit and Delete button we can make some changes in the course table. By using Subject combination we can configure subjects under defined courses. I will provide you a interface through which you can add new courses in the table like :

After add course details , you can add subjects in particular course also configure it by using some action command like "Edit" and "Delete". Now, by mentioned snap, you can add new subject details in the courses like:
subject details in the courses

Software Requirement :  Visual Studio 2013

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