Online Student Information System in ASP.NET

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"Independent functional unit work together" known as system. Like Computer System, it contains multiple independent units ( Hard disk, mother board , processor etc) But these units are depended on each other. Same thing in Student Information System, which contains different types of module such as
  • Personal Information of students 
  • Progress Card information of student
  • And last one is Current status of student.
Brings these module, we will design a System. First of all we discuss about Personal Information. Before reading about this project , you can see my project gallery.

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Student's Personal Information

Store information related to student like StudentID, StudentName, Student Address and many more things. All Information stored in Database table, Store data related to other database table.

How to Design Online Student Information System

  1. First to design Master page for this Project 
  2. Learn How to store information of student 
  3. Learn How to retrieve Information of student 
  4. Learn How to update information of student 
  5. How to delete wrong information of student.

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