Import Export project in ASP.NET C#

May 24, 2016 , 0 Comments

Project Introduction:

In this project, we have some modules, which is related to Import and Export goods services. This project provides online facilities to pickup your goods from any where in the nation. Actually projects is based on packers and movers functionality. Lots of goods transport one place to another place. We all know about import and export. Suppose, you want to bring goods from other places and that place is far from you place. So , you face too much difficulties. So, i design a packer and mover based project in ASP.NET C#.

Project modules

Project contains lots of things which is related to customer as well as company who pick up goods. So i dived the project in different categories, categories further divided in sub categories.
  1. User Module (Who Generate pick up request)
  2. Branch Module(Who handle pick up request , i am taking state level branch module)
  3. Agent Module (Who deliever the goods)
  4. Admin (Who handle all such functionality)

Software Requirement of the project : Visual Studio 2013

Front-End and Back End of the project : 

Front-End  : ASP.NET C# ( Here c# work as business logic code)
Back-End : Sql Server 

Project Video :

How to Download the Project:

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