Check If File Exist or Not at Specified Location: C#

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We can specify the extension of files, to be opened using OpenFileDIalog as I have explained in Use Filters in Open File Dialog. Let suppose user have been copied a file at a specified location and save that location for future reference. After some time, when user want to use that file with that location and, the file is not there, then it will throw an exception.

To avoid that exception, we have to check that file’s existence at the given location. The existence of file can be check through File.Exist() method, which resided in System.IO.File class in Visual Studio.

The following c# code will check the file named “ab.jpg” in our current directory which is Debug folder of the solution.
if (File.Exists(Environment.CurrentDirectory + "\\ab.jpg"))
//Write your code to execute
MessageBox.Show("File Not Exist");

If the file exist at the debug folder, it will execute our line of code, and if file not exist, it will show a message containing “File Not Exist”.

How to check file's existence in windows forms C#

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