Getting Started with Windows Store Grid App (XAML)

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The Grid App is basically used for navigating between categories. User can search contents between categories for example, photo and video apps in Windows 8. In this article we will discuss basics about windows store Grid App. Lets start windows Store Grid Apps with some simple steps. Select  File->New Project->Windows Store Grid (XAML) under the "Windows Store" category.

Windows Store Grid(XAML)

After selecting "OK" button you have successfully created windows Store Grid Application and by-default application page will be opened. This app contains many files shown in Solution Explorer:

Windows Store Grid App(XAML) : Solution explorer

The Grid App template includes these .xaml files:

App.xaml, where you can change your application name also provides markup for the content Host.
GroupedItemsPage.xaml, it is the first page of the application. It contains Application name, Group name, Item name with sub-title. It enables a user to select an item to navigate to the full-page item view, or to select a group label to navigate to the group details page.
GroupedItemsPage.xaml in windows store Grid App

GroupDetailPage.xaml, It shows Group name with short description and also item name with short description, and select an item to navigate to the full-page item view.
GroupDetailPage.xaml in windows store Grid Apps

ItemDetailPage.xaml, which is the full-page view for an item.
ItemDetailPage.xaml in windows store Grid Apps

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