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How to Delete Multiple Records from DataGridView in Winforms: C#

11:10 PMTuesday, December 24, 2013
To remove multiple records from the DataGridView, programmer need to write some line of code, code may be written in a button's click event that is outside of the DataGridView. The article shows about how to select multiple records of DataGridView and the c# code to remove them with a single mouse click.

When a programmer have to remove a single record entry from the DataGridView, then a command button can be added as discussed. Removing a single record can be performed by the index of the record. Through the index programmer can easily get all the unique values about the record which helps to perform the action.

To remove multiple records, follow the steps written below:
  • Drag-n-Drop DataGridView on the form and set its MultiSelect property to True.
  • Create a list of records (Student Class) and bind this DataGridView with that list.
  • Create a button outside of this DataGridView and generate its click event.
  • Write following C# code in the click event of button to remove multiple records:
private void removeButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
DataContext dc = new DataContext();
foreach (var item in dataGridView1.Rows)
DataGridViewRow dr = item as DataGridViewRow;
if (dr.Selected)
string name = dr.Cells["Name"].Value.ToString();
var student = dc.Student.FirstOrDefault(a => a.Name.Equals(name));
if (student != null)
dataGridView1.DataSource = null;
dataGridView1.DataSource = dc.Student;
  • Run the form and select some of the records as in the image:
How to Delete Multiple Records from DataGridView in Winforms: C#

  • Click on the remove button and all these selected records will be deleted. A single record remain safe shown in the image:
How to Delete Multiple Records from DataGridView in Winforms: C#

So all these simple steps are used to delete multiple as well as single record from the DataGridView. Programmer can also use a confirmation message for the surety of the deletion by the user. To do that, just place all the above code in between the below c# code:

if (MessageBox.Show("Are you sure you want to remove all these records?", "Confirm", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Question).ToString() == "Yes")
//above code

When the programmer will click on the button then a confirmation message will be shown. After clicking on the "Yes" button, all the selected records will be deleted otherwise none of them.

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