Get and Set Attribute’s Value in jQuery

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JQuery library functions have more functionality than we can think of. All we want through jQuery can be easily implemented like to get values of any element on the web-page. Whether the value is simple text or whole html of that element.

Earlier article was about to get content of text, html and value field assigned to an element on the web-page. Element on the web-page have many attributes like id, name, title, href etc. and its corresponding value that is specific for that attribute.

JQuery library function have some in-built function that can be used to get those attributes value and developer can set those values by using other provided functions. For example the following code fragment will get href value of an anchor tag with specified selector:


This alert message can be included wherever we want like in any button’s click event or any function called as per requirement.

Developer can also set particular value for any attribute of any element. Following example will set an anchor tag’s (above code fragment) href attribute’s value:


Same as above function we can easily set attribute’s value either one or multiple at once. Following code will assign title and href attribute’s value for the same anchor tag only in one function:

    "href" : "",
    "title" : "JQuery Learning Material"

These functions for set an attribute’s value can be used callback functions to be execute further operation after setting the value. In the next article we will show those callback functions with syntax and execute some more operations.

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