Attendance Management Project in Windows Forms with C#

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All the institutions are following almost the same procedure of storing the attendance of student i.e. registers or may be an excel file. When counting the attendances at the last they have to manually count for each student, or by insertion of some formula in excel file.

Attendance management project will simply provide all the common features, it should have. Through this project one can add new student, assign them attendances monthly and at the last a report can also be generated as a hard proof. The person, know the username and password, can only be permissible to use this software.

The solution have another class library project that is used to create the database using entity framework. Database has only two tables i.e. Attendance and Student, each have its own field.

Features of Project: 

  • Administrator can only login into the software.
  • User can add/modify student’s details as per the requirements.
  • Can search attendance according to either student name or roll no.
  • A report can be generated at the last as a proof for guardian/parents.

System Requirements:

  • Visual Studio 2010 or higher
  • SqlServer 2008 or higher
  • DotNet Framework 4.0 or higher (pre-loaded with Visual Studio)

Run the project:

It is a windows form application, so either press F5 or click on Start button. It will load the login window, which requires username and password. Username is “admin” and password is “password”, click on login button and the manage options window will be shown to you.

New Attendance: The form through which the user can add attendance according to the roll no.

Attendance Management Project in Windows Forms with C#

Attendance List: Let the user search the attendance according to the student name.
Attendance Management Project in Windows Forms with C#

Attendance via RollNo: User can count attendance via roll no of the student.

Attendance Management Project in Windows Forms with C#

Report Form: The form will show you how the report will look like, you can change this design using the report window.

Attendance Management Project in Windows Forms with C#

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