Online Hotel Reservation Project in ASP.NET C#

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Through this project we are booking a hotel room in a city also reduce lots of paper work. Actually physical process converted into logical process or you can say online process.

In this project we will provide such types of  searching functionality:

  • Pick random city 
  • Search city
  • You can search hotel directly
home page of hotel reservation system in c#

Module of the project :
  • Visitor 
  • Administrator 
Full detail of hotel address

Working of the project

First of all visitor choose the hotel city by the help of searching facilities. In the search result we will provide some basic information about each hotel which is exist in the city. When visitor select a specific hotel in the given list, we will provide the full details of selected hotel with "book now" button. When visitor press this button, the system will check that visitor is whether authenticated or not. If visitor is not authenticated then visitor moves to the login page. Login page contain a link of register page. If visitor not a website user then she/he will not login by the login panel so first of all visitor should member of the website. After that he /she will booked the selected hotel.

Download :

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