Types of Web Sites in Visual Web Developer

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You can use Microsoft Visual Studio to create and work with Microsoft ASP.NET Web Sites (Web applications) in a variety of hosting scenarios: local Internet Information Services(IIS), file system, FTP, and remote sites.
Types of Web Sites in Visual Web Developer

Local IIS Web Sites

Local IIS Web Sites run using a copy of IIS that is installed on your computer. When you create a local IIS Web Site, the pages and folders for your site are stored in a folder under the default IIS folder for Web Sites (Inetpub\wwwroot). Visual Studio also create the appropriate IIS configuration so that the Web Site is recognized by IIS as an application.

Note : To create a local IIS Web Site, you need Administrator privileges on the computer.
Alternatively, you can create an IIS virtual directory in Visual Studio. In this case, the pages and folders for your Web site can be placed in any accessible folder, a virtual directory in your local copy of IIS points to this location.

File System Web Sites

In a file-system Web site, you can create files in any folder you like, whether on your local computer or in a folder on another computer that you access across a network share. You do not need to run IIS on your computer. Instead, you can test pages by using the Visual Studio Development Web Server.

Note : The Visual Studio Development Web Server works locally. It cannot serve pages to another computer and is therefore suitable only for testing pages locally.
If you create a file system Web site, you can later create an IIS virtual directory that points to the Web site.

FTP Sites

Visual Studio allows you to open and edit Web site that are accessible by using an FTP server. This is a typical scenario if your Web site is located on a hosting site.
You can connect from within visual studio to any FTP server on which you have read/write privileges. You can then create and edit Web pages on that server. If the FTP server is configured with ASP.NET and an IIS virtual root that points to the FTP directory, you can also run your pages from the server to test them.

Remote Web Sites

A remote Web Site is a site that uses IIS but is on another computer that you can access over a local area network. The remote computer must have IIS installed and must be configured with Microsoft Office FrontPage Server Extension. When you create a remote Web site, the pages and folders for your site are stored in the default IIS folder on the remote computer. When you run the pages, they are served by using IIS on the remote computer. 

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