Online job website project in c#

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Online Job website site provide the functionality to search new jobs online according to candidates eligibility in various fields. This web site helps to find new recruits in governmental and private sector day by day with latest openings. This site is also very helpful for freshers to find job because on this site, we are specially working to meet new recruiter and candidates as per their requirements.

Project description:

When we open the project first time in the browser, home page appeared which is contain lots of things like Header part, Navigation bar, body part and last one is footer part.

Online job weebsite project in c#

A header part of the project contains: (According to above mentioned snap)

  • Welcome message for both guest and authenticated user.
  • Sign-In and Signup options
Now come to navigation part, its contain : (According to above mentioned snap)
  • Home page links 
  • Search jobs via Job Name, salary wise, etc.
  • Employer Zone
  • Contact us page
  • Feed Back System
Now, click to any letters which is mentioned in the search job option. After that you will see a table, in which we have JobId, JobName, and Salary.


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