Student and fees management project in c#

This project is related to school management system. In this project we have a Sql Database to store student information also store their fees details. The main motive behind the project is to persist the student information in single place. So,we can retrieve that information easily and quickly.

Front-end and Back-end:
Front-end : Windows form with c# as business logic
Back-end :  SQL Server 2014

How to run this:

How to design the system

  1. First to add new windows form in the solution.
  2. Add some control in the form.
  3. Now, add business logic in the code file.
Module in the project
  1. Add new Student: Through this module we can add student details like : Student name, Student father name , Student mother name, Student address etc.
  2. Edit Details :  You can edit details of student by their enrollment id.
  3. Search Student details : You can search stored student details by student name. In this project we can add auto complete type functionality.
  4. Delete Student Details
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